Cat Café Cokkun's Villa

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  • Lovely Cat Villa in Machida

    I wanted to visit Cokkun's Villa (コックンの別荘) already for a while because I always see the advertisment when I am in Machida. I finally had the chance to go there with some friends on a rainy Monday afternoon. It was quite empty when we arrive (only a mother with her son was inside) and so it was easy to relax with the cats there. The cats are really lovely and cute. Most wanted to sleep, but some also played and walked around and for sure got pretty active when the other guest bought food for them. 10 minutes at the cafe cost 200 Yen (+tax) and you have to pay 300 yen (+tax) for drinks. However, for this you can get as many drinks as you want from the vending machine. I really enjoyed the time there and can recommand the cafe. The cats have places to hide when they don't like to be with people anymore, but mostly they seemed to be relax. It was a nice atmosphere during a weekday, might be more crowded on weekends. Website: https://cokkun-cafe.com/



東京都町田市原町田6-8-1 町田109 5階