Mori Amusement Park 森の遊園地

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Nov 7

    A la carte amusement park in Noda City

    Not far from Noda City Hall is a forest, and next to the forest is Mori no Yuenchi, the Forest Amusement Park. The rides are great for kids. There are 15 attractions, including interactive ones - kids can hunt for semi-precious stones, or ride a cycle monorail track around the park. The Ferris wheel affords views of the Tone and Edo Rivers and the surrounding countryside. It's awesome. But the coolest part about Mori no Yuenchi is there is no general admission. You pay for each attraction separately. Maybe some of your tribe wants to ride the carousel, and the others would prefer the dragon coaster. Well, your party can break up, and you can pay for just the rides you want. And then you've got something to talk about when you gather again. Across the road is a shopping center, and there are some cheap and good places to eat on nearby Route 16, the main thoroughfare through the city. Note that the park is closed on Wednesdays. http://www.senyo.co.jp/morinoyuenchi/