Pie Face

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  • Tomuu

    on Oct 9

    Aussie pies that will put a smile on your face

    Australian-style pies are delicious. Nice then to find a branch of Pie Face not far from home. Actually, I'd lever heard of Pie Face (always went with the cheap ones from Woolworths when I spent time in Australia) but this branch has always seemed popular so thought it was time to give the pies a go. Glad that I did. Pie Face has about 8 different fillings for its collection of savoury pies and 7 fillings for the sweet pies. I went with a Classic Mince Beef. My friend chose Chicken and Mushroom. Both 390 yen individually, but we had a 'juice' set (apple or orange juice) for 600 + yen. Both pies were delicious. Fillings are rich, thick and smooth and the pastry is light enough but still with a bit of grease to remind you of the working-class origins of the humble pie. At Pie Face you order your pies from a display counter and then move on to order drinks at the the cash register. Collect your drinks/pies from the counter at the end after paying. Clear away your own trays after eating. This particular branch of Pie Face is cozy but still with enough space to stretch out a bit. It looks new (although I don't know how new), and aside from the pies, is itself a nice place to hang out (although it has the potential to get very busy given how close it is to Disneyland, and the fact that it's in the popular shopping center IKSPIARI). Anyway, regardless of decor and atmosphere, the pies here are delicious and well worth a visit should you be in the area. There is also am option to take out as well.



IKSPIARI 1F, 1-4 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba-ken