World Spice Kashiwa

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Mar 7

    Halal and import foods galore

    Kashiwa City has many foreign residents working and studying and eating great food. He city has many international restaurants, too. World Spice, just a short walk from the east exit of Kashiwa Station, stocks halal meat for observant Muslims, along with many packaged goods that are also halal approved. For those looking for south Asian condiments, packaged curries and herbs and spices, this is a go-to market. You’ll find chili sauces of various kinds, canned chickpeas, hummus, chutneys and many other hard to find specialities. World Spice also carries imported long grain and basmati rice.



6-60 Izumicho Kashiwa-shi Chiba-ken