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  • tifuani

    on May 24


    It was a rainy day, and my friend and I were trying to find a ramen place nearby Ikebukuro station. This small shop is said to be 1 minute walk from the station according to Google maps wow! My friend heard how popular Mutekiya ramen was so we decided to try there, even if we had to wait in the rain for over 30-mins. The workers were smart enough to hand out menus and take our orders before entering so that it would be ready once we are sat. They had a pretty large selection to choose from, which made the waiting time worthwhile. It was hard for me to decide, but by the end I got the special black tsukemen while my friend got one of the ramens. I'm not sure if I was hungry, but this was one of the best tsukemen I've had so far. The best part is that they offered cloves of garlic that you could crush yourself into your meal! My friends ramen also had their signature writing on the nori which was cool to see. Definitely will be back here soon!!



Japan, 〒171-0022 Tōkyō-to, Toshima City, Minamiikebukuro, 1-chōme−17−1 崎本ビル1F