Hotel New Plaza Kurume Merci Restaurant

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥1200 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • helloalissa

    on Jun 25

    Hotel Buffets Win For Best Value

    For the price, this is by far the best quality of all you can eat restaurants in our city. Hotels aren't working to make profits in their restaurants, especially when their main business is expensive wedding services! The restaurant-goers will also be introduced to the hotel and wedding services and be more likely to use and recommend them. The Merci Restaurant is small and quiet with classical music in the background. It's clean and classy, so I was a little confused by their use of disposable chopsticks. They even have their hotel branded napkins and toothpicks. The food was good quality Japanese and Chinese style with a lot of fried foods and fresh salads and fruit. We joked that buffet restaurants must intentionally make their ice cream freezers too cold because it's always difficult to scoop out a lot of ice cream. They have seasonal flavors though - this time a really strong green tea, white peach, lemon, and pineapple. Drink bar is included and there are plenty of teas, coffees, and soft drinks to choose from in addition to three kinds of drinking vinegars. This is one we will probably be back to as it's better quality and atmosphere than similarly priced buffet restaurants in our city. Adults can eat lunch for 1200 yen including tax. (Dinner is much higher with a fancier steak menu and alcohol included.)



830-0031 Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City, Mutsumon Machi 16-1