Yokohama Lemon Camera

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  • hellonihon

    on Apr 2

    Yokohama's newest used camera shop

    If you're in Yokohama and are looking for used cameras, this is the place to go. It opened up only last month, so the stock may be less picked through because people don't know about it yet. The walls are lined with lenses and bodies behind sliding glass. The stock is in amazing condition, as most Lemon stock is. The prices are average and since they know what their stuff is worth, you likely won't find a deal... But you'll be able to find it at least. The junk corner, which is actually a dying find, is in the back corner. It wasn't much when I checked it out--just two baskets on a shelf--but I found a great working (albeit a bit old and dirty) half-frame camera for only 500 yen. In the back, there is also a large studio area. The walls are white and there are giant lights, so you can pose for ID pictures as well as full studio work. The rates should be posted online, or you can go down to the shop to inquire yourself... and to check out the deals.



〒220-0005 横浜市西区南幸町2丁目17番19号 島田ビル1階