Yuraku no Sato 春日部温泉 湯楽の里

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Lifestyle/Hobbies | Avg price: ¥920 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • TonetoEdo

    on Mar 8

    Relaxing onsen, great aesthetics

    This onsen is about a 20 minute walk east of Kasukabe City, and it is served by two bus routes. It’s relatively easy to get to. The atmosphere in the main hall is comfy with lots of seating, local artists’ calligraphy and flower arrangements displayed, and a big dining hall. The baths are wonderful. I could have stayed in the carbonated bath, but I hopped around to the outside baths, too. The landscaping is tasteful and it’s really restful. I had a facial treatment for ¥3500 and felt like a million yen when I was done. The aesthetician, a Korean woman, was careful and was a pleasure to talk to during the treatment. A weekday visit is economical at only ¥750 for adults.