Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

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  • Louiseyd

    on May 24

    Fascinating trip, wonderful scenery from the top

    One little known tourist attraction in Kobe is the Bridge World tour of the longest suspension bridge in the world, the Akashi Kaikyo bridge in Tarumi Ward. For around 3000 yen from April until November you can go on a tour, where someone involved in the making of the bridge will tell you all about how it was made and the feats of engineering that happened to complete it. The tour is a fantastic chance to go up to the top of the bridge and see stunning 360 degree views over Kobe, Akashi and Awaji Island. You will not want to miss this. Unless of course you're afraid of heights- 300 metres above sea level isn't for the faint hearted!



Higashimaikocho, Tarumi Ward, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 655-0047, Japan

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