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  • neko

    on Jun 2

    Simple yet beautiful Udon

    If you are in Japan, you may have tried udon in the clear soup. And sometimes it can be boring. But here, you will have the whole big pot of the simple yet tasty and beautiful experience. “Udon-suki” is the pot style meal with clear fish based soup and udon with many kinds of vegetables, seafood or chicken. Here, they will bring the udon and perfectly cut and placed vegetables(which are beautiful!), and they will make it in front of you. And the taste of the soup will be more flavorful than you imagine. Not many spices mixed up kind of taste, but the shrimp, chicken and veggies will add the extra natural flavor and it is delicious. I need to say the price is not cheap, but it’s worth to try at least once! And the amount for one serving is quite big, so for us 3 ladies, we asked the amount of 2 people to share, and we were so full. They have shops in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagoya.