Rainforest Cafe Tokyo

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥2500 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • PDecs

    on Nov 10

    Novelty Restaurant to Bring Your Japanese Friends to

    I grew up with a Rainforest Cafe in my area. It had closed down in my teenage years, so when I learned that there was a Rainforest Cafe near Tokyo, I was quite happy to try it. Perhaps it should have stayed as a memory, because apart from the flashbacks induced by the simulated squalls and animatronic animals, it was just an average restaurant. I ordered a chicken parmigiana and while it tasted alright, it seemed a bit tough. Service was a bit slow as well, considering there weren't many people in the restaurant at the time. I can excuse the points as being due to lack of staff though; there seemed to be only three servers for the entire restaurant, and the space was quite huge. The huge space is a plus for me. The restaurant did a good job of bringing nostalgia and the seating was very spacious. There were lots of distance between tables, in pre-COVID19 standards. The bar counter was also quite an interesting sight, with the entire base of the counter made to appear like a fish tank. All in all, the good somewhat negated the bad, and while this restaurant wasn't the most Japanese of experiences, it provided a satisfactory one.



〒279-0031 Chiba, Urayasu, Maihama, 1-4 イクスピアリ 2F