Ginza 300 Bar

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥300 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • hellonihon

    on Apr 20

    Worth the hype! (And the 300 yen)

    Perhaps you've heard of this bar lately because of the Facebook videos and Youtubers talking about it. It's quite popular with the expat (and tourist) communities as well as the locals. In short, it's a great bar for everyone. As you may have guessed from the name, everything here is 300 yen. Yes, that means both food and drink! The drink menu is extensive, and everything is mixed by bartenders who know what they're doing. During happy hour, you can get your choice of premium drinks for 300 yen. The food is actually really good too, though the selection is a bit small. There are instructions on how to pay if it's your first time coming. But if it's too crowded and you happen to miss them, basically you need to buy tickets and then exchange those tickets for your food or drink at the bar. One ticket is 300 yen, but if you buy more than 10 tickets then you get one free. So, it would be worth it to buy a bunch at once, or at least pool your tickets in a group so you can share a round of fries or something. Like I mentioned, it does get crowded at times. Peak times are weekends around 7 PM. The location is pretty good, though it's a bit of a walk to any train station. Who would've guessed some place so cool and cheap could exist in swanky Ginza?



〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 5 Chome−9−11 ファゼンダビルB1

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