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  • hellonihon

    on Mar 27

    The best french fry deal in Japan

    I don't go to Poppo for any reason other than their amazing french fries. Their menu is mostly Japanese food (takoyaki, ramen, cha-han, okonomiyaki, etc.) but the variety is pretty good. However, none of it was as appealing to me as their french fries were. For less than 300 yen (241 plus tax, to be exact), you can get the mega french fries. Think about the old mega potato at McDonald's and you'll know the quantity I'm talking about. Shareable, but why would you want to? They taste delicious and have the perfect thickness. Plus, they're always made fresh! If you're feeling fancy, they have a pizza french fry powder that you can add and get a tomatoey flavor. I'm a purist and salt is fine for me, though. But, I recently saw that they started offering a W french fries, which I think is double the quantity of the mega potato. I know what I'll be getting next time!



2 Chome-2-1 Odasakae, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 210-0843

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Cafe Denny's (Kawasaki Branch)

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on Oct 13