Ichiran Ramen

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  • tifuani

    on Mar 9

    Ichiran Ramen

    Ichiran is by far my favorite ramen joint in Japan. If you are a huge fan of tonkotsu ramen, then Ichiran is for you. This ramen chain restaurant is open 24-hours, to fulfill your ramen cravings at any time! This location is a two-minute walk to Shinjuku station, and one of the two locations in Shinjuku. This location is located in the basement floor and has additional seating on the 6th floor. I went with my friend just at lunch time, around 11:30a to 12 noon. We waited probably 2-minutes, before being sent to the 6th floor where we would order our ramen from the machines. The machine's are cash only. When receiving your food tickets from the machine, we are then seated in individual booths. After being seated, there is a sheet of how you would like your ramen customized, from the firmness of your noodles, richness of your broth, spice level, and even how much garlic you would like (free up to 1 clove)! Once that is filled out, you submit that along with your tickets, and then BAM your ramen will be out in no time! There is also an additional sheet if you would like to add-on anything else. This time, I was especially hungry, and I ordered an additional 1/2 serving of noodle refill. There is a buzzer to call the worker to give your request to. After you finish your meal, they sell the ramen in sets so you can make it at home. I believe you can also buy these from Donki as well for the same price!



〒160-0022 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku, 3 Chome−34−11 ピースビルB1F・6F

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