Bones BBQ & Steak

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Nov 27

    Bones BBQ & Steak

    The Bones BBQ & Steak Restaurant is close to the Ryukyu Mura or Bios Hill on Okinawas mainland. Unfortunately there is no bus closeby, so the only way to go there is by car. You can see the restaurant very easily, because of its giant entrance gate, which will lead you down a hill to the main building. There is a lot of space for cars and even bigger events (also a small garden). It is also possible to eat outside on the terrasse. The restaurant offers what its names is telling you. Very delicious BBQ meat! I´ve been there for lunch to try out their smoked cheese chicken burger. The burger was amazing huge and had a whole piece of smoked chicken breast on it. Very delicious, but also very big. The burger came with fried potato and a free drink for 1500 Yen. All in all was very juicy and faty but really good. Unfortunately there are no vegetarian choices, which was bad for my friend.




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Bios Hill

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