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  • TonetoEdo

    on Aug 23

    Locals and organic direct produce sales.

    Kashiwa City has a lot of great eateries that feature local produce. Young restauranteurs want to introduce high quality locally grown food to their guests. Last week, one restaurant manager introduced me to . Rojimaru farm produce shop right outside Kashiwa Station east exit. Rojimaru’s concept is to provide connection and communication between small scale growers and Kashiwa residents. The produce is labeled with contact info about the grower, and even a QR code to make it easy for consumers to learn more about the growers. You’ll find a lot more than typical mass farm production here. The growers bring a lot of variety - organically grown squashes of various kinds, and different cultivars of eggplant. The proprietors are friendly and knowledgeable about their produce. http://www.rojimaru.com/




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