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  • Nice

    on Jul 12

    Fancy dorms in the heart of Kamakura

    It's a vivid memory when my friend I backpack around Kamakura, and we're looking for perfect place to stay. We Base hit the spot! We got the fancy dorm good for 4 pax all for ourselves for the price of two. And the pottage at their restaurant, oh my, was exactly what we needed in a chilly autumn!

  • Saitama

    on Jul 17

    A City-Cost English speaking resource accommodation selection

    WeBase features quite frequently on City-cost and with good reason. It is an amazing budget accommodation in an excellent location. It is the best hostel I have ever personally stayed in and judging by the reviews on Google Maps and across the web, even here on City-cost, I am certainly not the only person who feels that way. The majority of staff at WeBase speak English fluently. The utilities and facilities in the hostel have English information as well as Japanese and sometimes other languages too. Their website is offered in English, Japanese and Chinese. They have a great selection of add-ons available, such as yoga classes in the yoga studio attached to the hostel, or bike rentals from their courtyard, and even culture classes from time to time. The building in itself is very impressive, designed with great thought and is as practical as it is artistic. There is a very comfortable lounge with microwaves, a fridge, sink, cutlery, crockery and computers free for patron's use. There is a communal bath and private showers. They have coin operated washing machines and dryers. The hostel is only one minute from Yuigahama beach, very close to many of Kamakura attractions and only three minutes walk from the Yuigahama station on the Enoden Line. I cannot recommend this hostel highly enough. Please do check out the official site in the "English language resources" of City-Cost as well as the blog articles on City-Cost about this fabulous seaside hostel in a prime location in Kamakura.

  • A beautiful night at Webase Hostel!

    So, do you remember me blogging about Takatori-yama last time? Well, after that trip, my friend and I spent a night at Yuigahama which is in Kamakura. My travel partner is absolutely good at finding cheap and awesome places to stay so she held the reins of our accommodation for that day. And alas, she was able to find Webase Hostel in Kamakura. Not knowing exactly how the hostel looked like, we headed from Kamakura Station via Enoshima Electric Train to Yuigahama Station from Zushi. The hostel is just 3-5 minutes away from the station. You can’t miss it because it’s new and a French restaurant within the hotel also caters to locals and guests alike. As we went inside, we were greeted by large congratulatory flowers on the hallway and on the reception area. Little did we know that the hostel just opened exactly four days ago upon our arrival. We felt lucky to share a brand-new room with two pairs of bunk beds all for ourselves for 3800 yen/night. We originally planned to stay in the room with “futons”, but since they were still on the process of putting the finishing touches for that area, we didn’t have a choice, but to pick the shared room which is actually a blessing in disguise. The room itself has been divided into three parts. One part is composed of 4 bunk beds and the other is similar to it. The third part which composed of the entrance as well as two toilet cubicles and a sink. It was very convenient because I didn’t have to go far if nature starts calling. The hostel offers its guests a separate bathhouse for women and men which was actually one of the highlights of our stay. The shampoo, bath soap and conditioner in the bathhouse were all DHC products. Fancy, eh? Furthermore, it was also equipped with a hair dryer and lockers inside so your things will be secured. If you just want to take a shower, then they also have a separate area for a more private washing. One good aspect of this hostel is that it is just 2-3 minutes away from the beach. If you prefer to take a dip into the sea, then you’ve got this option covered for you. Meanwhile, vending machines with beer and packed food and coffee are also placed in the lounge area. As I mentioned above, the hostel also has it’s own French restaurant called Brasserie Gent. In addition, the hostel also has a 24-hour coin laundry. For the amount that we paid, we already got free breakfast so we feasted on sandwiches, coffee and juice and cereal in the same restaurant that we had dinner in the night before. Next time, I might be talking about the restaurant so please watch out for that. If you happen to visit Yuigahama, I would definitely recommend you to stay with Webase Hostel. Thumbs up for the cozy place and good service!



〒248-0014 4-10-7 Yuigahama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa