パンケーキ&レストラン ひげぱんだ

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  • JTsuzuki

    on Aug 19

    Mustachioed Panda Pancakes and Parfaits: Yum Yum!

    My husband had been excited about visiting this shop since the banners went up proclaiming it's incoming existence months ago. We were excited to finally get to see and enjoy the shop on a recent trip to Izumi-ward's main Aeon Mall. The look of the place is distinctive and the atmosphere is one that is fun enough for little kids but cool enough for young adults. A large mustachioed panda greets everyone from the back of the shop as a large wall, separating part of the dining room from the rest. In the center, a log-shaped inner-room is filled with toys and books for the smallest of patrons to enjoy in carpeted safety. As an afternoon treat, we ordered a marshmallow-topped pancake and a berry parfait, assuming my daughter would eat about half of each. To our surprise, my husband finished off most of the pancake solo and I managed to ingest the entire parfait. The serving sizes aren't huge here, but what you do get is generally lovely and the coffee was high enough quality that I could drink it black. In addition to sweet dishes, the shop also offers a variety of lunch and dinner options, though they don't really look quite as gorgeous as the other offerings. Overall, this seems like a wonderful place to enjoy some afternoon refreshment but I can't really imagine coming here for dinner. They also have a variety of goods featuring their mustachioed giant panda and lesser-panda mascots, including tote bags, mugs, postcards and pins. Strange as it may seem, the mustachioed panda pancakes are quite delectable.



イオンタウン仙台泉大沢 1 Chome-5-1 Osawa, Izumi Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture 981-3137