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  • hellonihon

    on Aug 31

    All-you-can-eat KFC!

    If you've lived in Japan for long enough, you're sure to have heard of this mythical place... The KFC buffet! While technically in Osaka, it's not in Osaka city. Rather, it's a bit of a trek (about 40 minutes) from the city out to Suita city in Osaka prefecture, where Expo City is located. The KFC is easy to find. It's on the grounds of Expo City but it's outside of the LaLaPort Mall. Depending on what time you go, there is sometimes a really long line with a ridiculous wait list. The last time I visited, they had teamed up with the reservation site e-park, so you could put your name in before visiting. I went most recently with a party of 8, so there was some wait (as to be expected). However, it wasn't that bad and we were seated within the hour. If you put your name down and aren't present when called, you could lose your spot. All of my group wasn't there when they called, but because a few of us were, they held it until everyone came. The food is really delicious, and they offer everything (and more!) of what a normal KFC in Japan does. This is different from the States, though... You won't find any mashed potatoes or coleslaw here! Even the biscuits are different... But there's plenty for everyone, and you can even choose what part of the chicken you want. Everything is self-serve, with a bucket for bones and gristle on your table for easy disposal. I can only get through a plate and a half before I give up... And move on to the desserts! Both the desserts and drink bar are included in the price you pay. There is a time limit, but everyone usually gets sick and full before then. But if you don't hate yourself and what you're eating by the end of a buffet, are you really doing it right?



2-1 Senribanpakukoen, Suita, Osaka Prefecture 565-0826

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