Hydrangea Road

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  • Saitama

    on Jun 23

    Three kilometres of hydrangea

    The Hydrangea road in Ogose is a scenic country road with 1500 hydrangea. They bloom in June annually. There is also a hydrangea park along the stretch, but unfortunately all those hydrangea were destroyed ten years ago due to illness. The hydrangea on hydrangea road thankfully went unscathed. You can drive the road, but it is quite narrow so there is strictly no parking on the road. It starts out as a two way street, but as you pass the entrance to the crying dam, it narrows enough that two cars can't pass each other. If you want to take photos you will need to walk it. The car park is at the start of the road as you come from the Kosugi area of Ogose. There is a toilet in the car park. Free and free parking.



Saitama, Iruma-gun, Ogose, Mugihara