Regional Immigration Services Bureau Saitama

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Jun 6

    Be prepared before you go

    Recently, I went to this immigration office and had an ok time. You have to be prepared with all your paperwork, assembled, before you go because the reception area does not stock the paperwork you might need. The post office where you get revenue stamps is a very short walk away. Tip: the post office counters usually have pens and glue so you can assemble anything you might have missed. I find the immigration officers are polite and clear, if a bit terse, with their instructions. Wait times are long for all visa tasks, so I advise going early.

  • Saitama

    on Jun 5

    A necessary evil!

    Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau Saitama City is basically the Saitama visa office. The place you go to apply for or renew a visa to stay in Japan. You and about a gazillion other foreigners. It gets worse year on year. I've renewed a visa here five times and this past visit was the most frustrating to date. In my experience it is always busy and waiting time is usually more than two hours. I advise you come with everything already prepared. In the past, they had scissors, glue and pens so you could complete your application, but this year all they have out is ink pads for hanko. They also had the wrong forms in each box. Parking is free and despite the office always being busy I've never had a problem getting parking.



〒338-0002 Saitama, Chuo Ward, Shimoochiai, 5 Chome−12−1