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  • hellonihon

    on Apr 4

    Reasonable Taiwanese food

    The first experience I had with Taiwanese food was almost my last. I thought that the food tasted so awful, and anyone who enjoyed Taiwanese food had messed up tastebuds. When a culinary friend told me that one of their favorite places to eat in Yokohama was a Taiwanese restaurant, I couldn't believe it. After much persuasion from my friend, I finally gave in and tried it. The main draw for me giving it a chance wasn't the descriptive pictures on the menu. I saw the prices for most dishes and decided that I could risk 500 yen to try something I was certain I wasn't going to enjoy. The menu had plenty of options, but I went with a sweet and sour chicken dish and some spring rolls. Now, I'm not sure what constitutes Taiwanese food. Honestly, I've had the same dish at restaurants that have called themselves Chinese restaurants. Either way, this experience was a lot better. The food was hot and delicious, and the serving size was so big I couldn't finish everything (or maybe it's because I ordered too many dishes). There are two floors for seating, so check it out even if it looks crowded on the bottom floor. Odds are that the top floor will be much more relaxed. The waiters are pretty attentive, though you do have to wait for them to make their rounds if you want their attention. If you're feeling hungry with a low budget, check out their lunch specials for a set menu deal that includes a free upgrade to a large bowl of rice.



神奈川県 横浜市中区 伊勢佐木町 2-80 1F