La Finca B-B

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Oct 8

    La Finca B-B

    La Finca is a lovely small cafe between many flowers fields and right next to a huge farm. I´ve got interested in the Cafe because of the cute style of the buildng and the nice garden. The building looks a little bit like from a Ghibli movie, especially you can find something cute in every corner. The owner is very creativ and used old stuff to create new. For example the tables are old sewing tables, which just have a new plate now. There is also a small playground for kids, which have very cute seesaw made of old wheels. The cafe has many sweets like honey toast and diffrent kind of ice cream, also very nice drinks like strawberry milk or blueberry milk. For sure their most popular dish is the homemade pizza, which is baked in an open air stone oven. You can choose between morzarella pizza and mixed pizza. Both are full of chesse and very tasty. The Cafe is only open during good weather, because all seats are outside in their garden.



Hanadakamachi, 1400

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