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  • JTsuzuki

    on Jul 23

    Edible Southern Cooking in Sendai

    We stumbled across this pace one day around lunch time and I was desparate to try their "Dixie Chicken" which appeared in the ads to be a decent sized piece of fried chicken with nice white, saw-mill-esque gravy. My little Texas heart did flutter. Unfortunately, when we tried to order it, the waitress insisted that we could only order from the sparse mid-day menu and nothing else could be made. This left my kid without french fries, one of the few foods she actually enjoys, so my husband inquired as to whether they could make an exception. The waitress came back with a negative response, only to be corrected by the owner or manager who encouraged us to order anything on the menu. So i ordered my chicken and my husband ordered red beans and rice, which apparently were okay. The chicken itself was not bad but the gravy was a brown gravy, which is hard enough to find in Japan but was still a let down for me. The chicken was a tad spicier than the average Japanese chicken but if you actually like spicy food, it won't be enough to even taste. I do not know how authentic their gumbo is because I'm not big on seafood or spicy food, but the atmosphere was nice and fairly authentic.



Miyagi Prefecture Sendai City Aoba Ward Chuo 1-10-25

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