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  • hellonihon

    on Apr 19

    A quiet Hub

    For a college area like Hiyoshi, you'd expect the bars to be popping. Well, not this Hub. Despite it being so close to Hiyoshi Station, and inevitably Keio University, it was so quiet! Perhaps college students don't drink at Hub. Or maybe there are just better bars in the area. Whatever the reason, my group of friends and I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. The Hub is in a weird location. It's downstairs behind a Lawson. (Actually, this could contribute to it being so empty...) They have always carded at this one, which I find a bit strange. Once in, though, there is ample seating. There's also a small gaming area so you can drunkenly play foosball or darts. The food and drink here is standard fare (which is why I like the chain so much). The staff are unassuming; they're neither polite nor rude. They leave you alone for the most part, not even bothering to clear empty glasses and plates until it's a visible problem. Honestly, I prefer this much more. I can enjoy the time with friends without being constantly interrupted.



〒223-8526 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Kohoku Ward, Hiyoshi, 4 Chome−1−1 慶應義塾日吉キャンパス協生館 1f

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