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  • hellonihon

    on Feb 16

    Cute Japanese goodies for cheap!

    When I was in the States, I would watch some Japanese TV programs. They'd go into people's houses to do interviews and the like, and I was always more focused on the interiors than the actual program. The homes were usually filled with the cutest items designed for comfort and practicality. When I moved to Japan, I sought out those kinds of items. Surprisingly, they were harder to find than I expected. I would find a few here and there, but there was never really an entire store dedicated to the cuteness that those houses curated. CHELSEA New York is the shop that has come the closest to putting every single cute item that I like and want to buy into one shop. Fuzzy blankets, check! Character bento boxes, check! Cute home goods, check! I could easily fill an entire home with the designs in this shop. Usually, I'm a bit apprehensive about shops like this. I've been burned before. I'd go in, fall in love with everything, then check the pricetags and find out that nearly everything was out of my budget. But not here, thankfully! Not only are the goods affordable at full price, but they also always have things on sale. It can be dangerous for your wallet, though, but it's great for making your house feel like a home.



〒409-3852 1505-1, Ikkui, Showa-cho, Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi 2F

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