Greenpark Fukiware

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  • Saitama

    on Aug 10

    For an authentic camping experience

    Located in a rural mountainous town best known for its fruit picking, Greenpark Fukiware is a great spot for a couple of days relaxation in nature. Although the area is very rural there is enough to do in the immediate area if you prefer keeping active than lounging in a hammock! The camp is a couple of decades old, but the current owners are new. They've added a few of their own touches since taking over such as homemade pizza making which you can book to experience yourself. You can play or fish in the river on site or hike in the area. They have a tree house and zip wire swing for anyone to play with. Fukiware falls is nearby and in the Autumn there are orchards in the area where you can pick apples. They rent tents for those that don't have their own. They also have a couple of basic cabins. Some of the sites have electricty, but most don't. They have sinks for washing dishes and there is a hot water tank at those sinks, which is rare. You can leave all rubbish except aluminum cans which you need to bring home with you. The campsite is fairly easy to get to; once you come off the Kanetsu expressway at Numata interchange it is a straight run up route 120 until you come to the turn for the campsite. The turn into the campsite is quite difficult to see though; it is on the left hand side after you cross over the river. Greenpark Fukiware also features on City-cost's blog: https://www.city-cost.com/blogs/Saitama/zaogw-living_gunma_numata-shi



378-0304 Gunma-ken, Numata-shi, 利根町大楊 1098

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