Noda Onsen Honoka

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Lifestyle/Hobbies | Avg price: ¥1500 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • TonetoEdo

    on Dec 5

    Great value onsen with ganbanyoku

    Honoka is a chain of onsen hot spring baths with a location in central Noda City. unlike a lot of sento baths and onsen hot springs which have classic Japanese design, this one has a South East Asian theme. Warm colors, stone statuary and a lot of natural materials make it relaxing and a little exotic. On weekends, entrance to the bath is ¥1400. Weekdays it’s ¥1200. Occasionally Honoka has “Daikansha” deals for customers, for ¥1000. The baths, saunas, and washing areas are spacious and clean. What makes Honoka different from other sento and onsen is that the admission includes the ganbanyoku, stone baths. This is an ideal place to try these for the first time. The ganbanyoku has a cozy main sauna area, various smaller rooms at different temperatures, and a big area to stretch out on yoga mats and bean bags. Even better, the whole area is mixed. Guests wear kanchaku, pajamas and receive a big towel blanket for comfort. Upstairs are play areas for kids, a vast selection of manga, lounges for sleeping or watching tv, and a dining hall that serves reasonably priced and tasty meals. Honoka curry rice is good.