Guzman y Gomez

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  • tifuani

    on May 8

    Guzman y Gomez

    I've always seen this chain when walking around Shibuya/ Harajuku, but never actually tried it until I was really craving tacos. Usually I would go to Taco Bell, but I wanted to try somewhere different. I've also heard good things about Guzman Y Gomez, so when visiting Harajuku, I thought it would be a good idea to check it out at the same time. It is located in the department store Laforet on the 2nd floor. You can see their big sign from the street view. When I got there, I immediately changed my mind to get some quesadillas instead. They have a set where you can get three for 1070 yen. I decided to go with that while my friend got the soft tacos, so we could share. There were a list of different meats that you could choose from with little chili peppers stating the spice levels. I got one steak, chicken, and pork. I was actually hoping they had a taco salad, but they only had a regular salad. Their menu seemed a bit limited, but everything looked really good. They also had a seasonal Sakura Chicken Burrito, which I wonder how it would taste... but I'm not too big a fan of burritos. When ordering, I was really glad that the workers could speak good enough English, because I was afraid they wouldn't understand me pronouncing "quesadilla" (which I have no idea how Japanese people would pronounce it). They gave a buzzer while we went to find a seat. There are a pretty good number of table seats, as well as counter seats that had a street view. When picking up our order, there were three different sauces, which I'm glad the spice levels were pretty clear like how Taco Bell's is. I really enjoyed the green sauce (I forgot the name) and the deep red chipotle sauce. There were condiments you could also add on such as onions, parsley, and I think tomatoes? Overall, this place was great for tacos and quesadillas! I wish the quesadillas were a little more stuffed with cheese and meat, but the soft tacos were great! Next time I want to try their nachos or nachos fries! But, I will definitely come here from now on when I need my taco fix.



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