Gardens of the Imperial Palace

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Nov 26

    Gardens of the Imperial Palace

    Within walking distance of Tokyo Station you can find the Imperial Palace. Unfortunately, the palace itself can not be visited and also the area around the palace is only open during two days of the year (for New Year and the Emperor's birthday). However, the eastern garden of the Imperial Palace is open to the public (except Mondays & Fridays). Right at the entrance of the garden, the bags of the visitors are first checked for safty reasons, so you should not be surprised. The area that can be visited is relatively small, but still beautiful. In the heart of the garden is a small pond, which is covered with water lilies and can be crossed over small wooden bridges. Throughout the year many different flowers and plants are blooming in the garden. There are also some remains of the old castle complex and Edo Castle. Especially the old tea houseis very nice, but unfortunately can not be visited from the inside. For a walk, the garden is nice, but you should not expect too much. Also it is very overrun by tourists.



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