星乃珈琲店 (Hoshino Coffee)

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  • PDecs

    on Nov 10

    Cafe With Sets

    Hoshino Coffee is a chain of cafe's, with one of its newer shops located near Musashi-Koganei Station. The cafe serves a good breakfast deal, so it seems to be popular among the locals in the morning. They offer a complimentary slice of toast and an egg with any order of coffee. As far as I know, this is the only cafe that does that in Tokyo. Lunch here is also a respectable affair, although their food is limited to a couple of pasta dishes and omelette rice. The cafe itself is styled to look fancy. Many of the seats are leather and the decor is reminiscent of the Victorian era. A lot of housewives seem to gather here to hang out and chat on a regular basis, which seems to be a good metric for comfort. The negatives I can list for this cafe would include its coffee and its service. While the coffee is better than Starbuck's for certain, it seems to be a bit weak and generic. They offer three roasts and none of them impressed me. The service is a bit lackluster at times as well, with staff often forgetting to come to the table after being called for an order.



〒184-0004 Tokyo, Koganei, Honcho, 6 Chome−2−30 ソコラ武蔵小金井クロス 1階 101