Forest and Park of the 21st Century 21世記の森

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Nov 3

    Precious space, great for dates and family days

    Matsudo City has few park spaces other than the Edo River bank and Yahashira Cemetery. Forest and Park of the 21st Century is, according to the city website, 11 times the size of Tokyo Dome. It's got a preserve to the north side, which supports a great variety of bird life. The pond has many vantage points, and the east side has a forested area. Towards the south end, parks keepers maintain a satoyama landscape, meadows of wildflowers, and a wide green space surrounded by a small forest. There is enough space for kids to play games, and the path around the lawn is great for strolling or jogging. Many attractive plantings of flowering shrubs and trees make it a great backdrop for your family photos. Check out the nature house by the pond. There are hands-on exhibits and workshops for kids to learn about wildlife there. Go for a wander in the trees to discover a Jomon Period settlement. It's part of the nearby Matsudo Museum's exhibits.



269 Sendabori, Matsudo-shi, Chiba-ke