Essen Garten

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  • hellonihon

    on Apr 7


    If you're looking for natural and local Yamanashi goods, this is the place to check. For both edible and inedible snacks, this is the place to check. As for food, the large shop had rows of souvenirs. Some of the souvenirs were common, and I could find them easily in grocery stores. But most of them seemed unique to the shop and processed in small batches. There are many samples available if you are unsure of your purchase. If you're looking for something a bit more long-lasting, they have a good selection of crafts and other handmade goodies. The vibe is very craft fair but in the best way. None of the items seemed practical to me, but I thought they were fun to look at nevertheless. Located at the far end of Moegi no Mura, towards the second parking lot, it's not hard to find. The exterior modeled after a European wooden cottage. Besides the shopping, their other main draw is their bathroom! (It can be difficult to find one in the village, as not every shop has one, so take advantage of Essen Garten's facilities.)



〒407-0301 山梨県北杜市高根町清里3545