Jittoko Kumai じっとこ組合

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Jul 12

    Miyazaki regional izakaya

    Kasukabe Station’s west exit has a pretty dense shopping street with a lot of izakaya. For late night eats, it’s got many choices. Jittoko Kumiai is a regional izakaya featuring produce and dishes from Miyazaki Prefecture. The specialty is chicken. It’s not spectacular food, but it’s comforting. For otoshi, the servers bring crisp vegetables in season accompanied by chunky miso paste typical of Miyazaki cuisine. Some recommended dishes are chicken on a teppan in the shape of a hoe blade. My favorite is the gyoza hot pot in chicken broth, recommended on the menu for its collagen content. Of course, try the yakitori and tsukune. The decor is cozy and reminds me of small town izakaya I’ve eaten at in my travels. It’s got a rustic feel with unfinished wood decor and long tables. The staff are lovely. They often give customers a small container of their featured miso paste as omiyage.



〒344-0067 Saitama-ken, Kasukabe-shi, Chūō, 1-chōme−10−3