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  • TonetoEdo

    on Dec 25

    Bar and cafe for steak and fusion food

    Around Kawama Station on the Tobu Urban Park Line, there are about a dozen great izakayas, cafes, ramen shops and international restaurants. Hanmer is one of these great places to have a leisurely night out. The cafe serves a wide selection of wines to accompany steak, salads and tapas-style dishes. Our favorite dish there is omurice which is a little more sophisticated than B-class gourmet. The fried rice is scented with curry spices and the omelette is fluffy. We usually order izakaya-style - a few dishes to start, and if we’re still hungry, some salads or stir-fried mushroom or vegetable dishes. Hanmer also does great pizza and has a cheese plate with imported cheese. There’s a little of everything on their menu.



840−9 Osaki, Noda, Chiba Prefecture 270-0235