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  • Bella

    on Dec 8

    Affordable Korean Cuisine in Fancy Ginza

    Tuck away in one of Ginza’s narrow streets, KollaBo is a restaurant that offers delicious Korean dishes with prices that won’t break your budget. I LOVE KOREAN FOOD. Hence, I become a bit disappointed when I’m given Kimchi (Korean fermented vegetables) that doesn’t have that “kick” or “spiciness” that you’d expect from it. Sadly, most restaurants in Japan serve a “tamed” or somewhat “sweet” version of this delicacy.I do understand that they are trying to please the Japanese palate, but I can’t help to be disappointed. However, when I tasted KollaBo’s Kimchi, it did not give me a frown on my face. These are what we ordered: 1. Stone- Roasted Bibimbap with Yukhoe (Raw Horse Meat) It wasn’t spicy so it’s perfect for those who can’t stand spicy food. This dish is served in a HOT STONE BOWL (be careful) and in it are the rice, vegetables (can’t remember which ones though), and raw horse meat and egg. If you are worried about eating UNCOOKED meat, fret not because it actually tastes good! It has a lot of ingredients in it; hence you won’t even notice you’re gnawing on raw horse meat! The flavours blend very well. It costs 1,350 yen. 2. Bulgogi (Korean Grilled Beef) This is my favourite Korean food! Again, this is not spicy and it has a sweet, savory taste. Unlike the first item, the rice is separated. Although it tasted really good, if you had too much of its sauce, it can be very sweet and overpowering. It costs 1,350 yen. *These dishes are set meals so a bowl of soup and a small portion of salad and kimchi were included. Overall, I like this restaurant because it wasn’t that pricey and it tasted authentic to me.



104-0061 Tokyo, Chūō, Ginza, 3 Chome−4−18 大倉別館ビル 1F