Katsuren Castle Ruins

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  • Lizzy

    on Jun 8

    Sightseeing on a budget

    As a family of four living on the not so luxurious military pay we often find ourselves searching for cheap or even FREE activities to partake in for our weekend family time. Some of the free options include the various beautiful parks all around Okinawa as I have a small child that loves to run and play but, mommy and daddy like to be entertained as well. On one of our weekends we decided to dive into the rich history this island has to offer and visit one of the many sets of castle ruins located here. We chose Katsuren Castle Ruins located in Uruma because it is close to where we live and it doesn't cost a single penny to enjoy all the castle ruins have to offer. The drive was short and sweet from our location and once we arrived we parked near a small restaurant on the backside of the hill leading up to the ruins themselves. We took a small staircase that was located on the side of the road up a hill to the ruins. beautifully crafted, the ruins are incredible. There are various plaques explaining parts of the ruins and history behind them in Japanese and English as well so we were able to stop and actually read and enjoy all of them. They have the stone steps as well as modern day concrete stairs for you to take to the top of the castle ruins. We opted for the older set of stairs and made our way to the top stopping on each level to read up on the history of different parts of the ruins. Once at the top the view is absolutely breathtaking, taking in the fresh ocean air while gazing at the East China Sea makes this trip 100% worth it. All in all this was an short sweet and excellent family trip and we will go back just for the workout from climbing the hill and stairs. A must visit spot in Okinawa at the cost of absolutely nothing but time.



3908 Katsurenhaebaru, Uruma-shi, Okinawa-ken 904-2311, Japan

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