Pablo mini

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  • hellonihon

    on May 8

    Delicious baked tarts

    I love Pablo. After finding out about it in Osaka, I was hooked. Unfortunately, the shops aren't as proliferate as my cravings would like them to be. So whenever I run across a shop, I feel like I need to get something! Their main draw is their original cheesecake tart. Which is delicious in its own right, don't get me wrong! But more recently, they've been branching out to more than just cheesecakes. Now, they have a lot of seasonal flavor offerings like cherry blossom and matcha, as well as unique tarts like ichigo daifuku. I mean, how can you make an ichigo daifuku a tart?! The service here is nice and fast, even if it is a small shop. The cashier helping us was really sweet, and even gave an English "thank you!" at the end after ringing us up. Usually this location doesn't have a line, but it also doesn't have seating so you'll either have to plan ahead or just eat while walking. Thankfully they're small enough where you could one bite it if necessary. (Though I do recommend savoring them!)

  • tifuani

    on Apr 21

    Pablo mini

    Pablo Cheesecake is one of the more popular cheesecake chains that I have heard about in Japan. They are known for their cheese tarts. Although I am not a huge fan of cheesecake, I do enjoy it when it is light like how Japanese cheesecakes are. Back in the States, the cheesecake are very dense and too cheesey where you aren't able to eat a lot of it because it is just too much. Japanese cheesecakes are very light and not so sweet, so you can enjoy more than one bite of it. This location in Aeon mall is a Pablo "mini", I'm assuming because there is no seating and just a counter for customers on the go, (just like the ones I've seen in train stations). Right now at Pablo, since it is (still) sakura season, they have a special sakura mochi flavor! I highly recommend all to try it while it lasts (until April 30th)!! Also, sadly just last month they also had an Okinawan Sweet Potato flavor. The day I went, they were already sold out on it, and I was not able to go back again to try it. I'm assuming it was another seasonal flavor for sweet potato season. I will have to wait til next year for it to come back.



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