Hitachi Kamine Zoo

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Mar 11

    Hitachi Kamine Zoo - a lovely zoo for the whole family

    The Hitachi Kamine Zoo is located north of Hitachi city in Ibaraki. From Tokyo it takes around 2 hours by car or train. The zoo is a small city zoo created especially for the residents of Hitachi. With an entrance fee of 510 Yen it is also the cheapest I have visited so far. Despite the low admission price, the zoo is really big and offers many different animals. From lions, tigers, elephants, many different kinds of monkeys, giraffes, horses, capybaras, etc., there was really something for everyone to see. It was very noticeable, that all the animals looked incredibly well-fed. I've never seen this in any other zoo in Japan. Especially with the reasonable entrance fee, it made me even more surprised, but also very happy. The whole zoo is built on a mountain slope to offer the animals a perfect environment . Although you ran up a small mountain, you hardly notice it. The zoo also has a very special animal, which I've never seen before. The Japanese badger, which can be admired only in Japan. As with most zoos in Japan, there was also a small theme park next to it for the little ones. The zoo was really great and even though we were there on a sunny warm Sunday, it was relatively empty and you could easily look at all the animals or visit the petting zoo without waiting.



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