Shizuoka Municipal Nihondaira Zoo

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Oct 5

    Shizuoka Municipal Nihondaira Zoo

    The Shizuoka Municipal Nihondaira Zoo is a nice little zoo at the Nihondaira area. One of the main attractions is the red panda area, which is really like a little jungle for their residents. You see the red pandas really very close and in their natural enviroment. Also their tiger and lion area is very nice and sometimes they come to close, that you can look into their mouth. There is also a huge birds area, where you can watch every kind of birds. Also the zoo has many diffrent kind of monkeys. Unfortionaly the cages look very old, which gave me a bittersweet feeling. There is also a small amusement park area, which main atraction is a huge castle up on a hill with a slider downstairs. It looks really amazing and makes a lot of fun!



1767-6 Ikeda, Sugura Ward