HATI Indian Restaurant

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥1000 | English Available: None (Unknown)



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    on Jun 16

    One of the best tandoori chicken I have ever had

    When I go to Indian restaurant, I always go for Tandoori chicken and Seekh kebab! It’s heaven-sent that I can find a great Indian restaurant close to my place. Hati offered authentic Indian cuisine. They have the tastiest tandoori chicken I have ever had. Not only the food, but also the service is impressive. When we finished our meal, the owner offered us the Mukhwas. He briefly explained that It's an asian after meal snack used as a mouth freshener. It’s my first time to have it, and it’s quite interesting that these various seeds can be sweet and aromatic.



3 Chome-23-1 Miyasaka, Setagaya City, Tokyo 156-0051