Ichigo Land (いちごランド)

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  • TheHikingAlto

    on Feb 27

    All You Can Pick and Eat Strawberries!

    In Japan, strawberry season begins, often in December, and continues until April or sometimes May, with the peak in January and February. This is, at least mostly, because the strawberries are grown in greenhouses. Many greenhouses open up for the public to come in an pick their own strawberries. Ichigo Land, in Yamanashi City, is one such place. I went in February, so for ¥2,000 I got 30 minutes to pick and eat strawberries to my heart's (and stomach's) content! There were so many jumbo-sized strawberries, and they were so sweet! It was an absolute feast! In addition, the strawberry beds were all raised up off the ground. I still found it best to get on my knees to see them better, but some of the people I went with stayed standing the whole time and did just fine. The strawberries hang down off the sides of the beds. The place gives you a plastic tray with condensed milk to dip the strawberries in, and to put the green tops in after you have eaten the strawberry. There was a parking lot and restrooms available on site. Website in Japanese: http://www.iijimafruitsfarm.com/



405-0042 山梨県山梨市南2905

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