Nadachi Tanihama Rest Area

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  • genkidesu

    on Apr 3

    A fairly run of the mill rest area in Joetsu

    This is a fairly run of the mill rest area in the Joetsu area of Niigata. You’ll find the obligatory omiyage items for sale, a Cremia ice cream stall, and an Idemitsu gas station. There’s plenty of parking including bus and truck sized spots, and a large outdoor gazebo area and picnic tables to enjoy a bite to eat at - not that we needed those on the day we stopped by since it was snowing hard! Restroom facilities are separate from the main building but were very clean. Ultimately this rest area isn’t anything to write home about but does offer a spot to grab some food, use the bathroom or fill up your gas tank.



2810 Chayagahara, 大字 Joetsu, Niigata 949-1706, Japan

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