Kashiwa Information Center

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Dec 24


    The Kashiwa Information center in the Family Kashiwa building is bursting with local and regional information. The center provides pamphlets and maps for the city’s thriving shopping streets. Some of the guides, like the dining map and Urakashi map are in English. The center also stocks English language magazines such as Time Out and Metropolis, and has a small selection of Tokyo area guides to prepare you for venturing into Tokyo proper. The staff speak some English, and occasionally non-Japanese volunteers are at the counter ready to help visitors in English and other languages. The center also has “free rental” umbrellas. Check out their display space, too, for exhibits of local artists, celebrities, and seasonal events.



1 Chome-1-11 Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture 277-0005