May 9, 2019

English Teaching Jobs in Miyazaki

I am planning on moving to Japan at the beginning of September as I got a job offer from a university, however, the pay is rather small and I have a husband coming with me there, so we kind of need to find a job for him as well. He has a bachelor's degree in English Philology, and he already speaks the language like a native, and I was wondering what could be the options in a place like Miyazaki for him. As I understood, English teaching jobs are popular for foreigners with a similar educational background as him, is there anything any of you could recommend to us?


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  • Tomuu

    on May 9

    English teaching would certainly seem to be the obvious avenue to pursue in this case. Particularly in a region like Miyazaki which is comparatively rural so jobs in other fields may be harder to come by. I feel like an internet search for any kind of job in the Miyazaki region (in English at least) might not turn up much so you will probably have to take your time and try to dig as deep as possible. The main job search sites might reveal something but unlike, say, jobs in Tokyo, Osaka et al, you're going to need to keep checking regularly for something to come up. I visited Miyazaki (the city) last summer and noticed one or two of the big chain schools had branches there (I think I spotted a Gaba and a Shane) so it might be worth checking their sites directly. You could also do the same with any universities in the region. I would think the best way though, particularly for a region like Miyazaki, would be for you both to get settled in first, and then set about networking (perhaps starting with colleagues at your place of work) and making a visit to your city office or any international / community centers near you to find employment leads. I think this will be much more fruitful than job-hunting online, especially if your husband is fluent in Japanese. Following with interest. I'd love to move to Miyazaki!

  • Jackson

    on May 10

    I would suggest finding an ALT or eikaiwa job. For ALT jobs, there would likely be openings for the summer to cover for people that leave during that time (so the hiring process should be around now), so you need to do a bit of research to see which ALT dispatch companies cover the area you will be in. For networking, JALT is a good NPO to join and connect with.

  • helloalissa

    on May 10

    There are sometimes jobs listed for Miyazaki on the Fukuoka-now.com Classified page, like this one: https://www.fukuoka-now.com/en/classified/urgent-full-time-alt-position-miyazaki/?category=174 (I've worked for OWLS, this dispatch ALT company before. The other ALT dispatch companies operating in Kyushu are Interac, NPO Glad, and KBS -but I would avoid those last two.) It's not clear in your question or in the above job link description if the location is Miyazaki City or elsewhere in the Prefecture. You can always check Gaijinpot.com and the other Japanese job search sites. It's probable that your husband can find local and/or online work after arriving as well. Most work will start in April but start the hiring process as early as October. (Check out the questions and blogs here about teaching online and as a freelancer.)

  • mizzourian

    on May 10

    First of all, thank you all for the recommendations, we will check all of them and hopefully find something. My job is at the University of Miyazaki med school and I suppose it is at Miyazaki-city as far as I could understand even though from the website of the school I kind of got the idea it is still a bit far from the actual city center. Also, I suppose what I wrote was a bit open to misunderstanding about the languages he can speak, so I'd like to clarify that we both don't know Japanese.

  • genkidesu

    on Jun 1

    My husband is completing his PhD here in Niigata, and I've managed to work for the university assisting with their social media. I wonder if there's any projects like that at the university you'll be working at? I don't speak Japanese other than a few basic words/phrases, but since the university here is English language it hasn't affected me. I do think not speaking Japanese definitely means you have to think outside the box with job options, but it's 100% possible to find stuff (or even create stuff!)


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