Nov 12, 2018

Coffee Grinder

What's the best space efficient coffee grinder you've found locally? Do you take your beans to a shop and have them ground? Do you have a wee device you use at home? Friends gifted me a few bags, and I ordered coffee from Amazon Japan at a good price, but whole bean. Thanks for any replies.



Living between the Tone and Edo Rivers in Higashi Katsushika area of Chiba Prefecture.

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  • Jackson

    on Nov 15

    I used to sell kitchen appliances and did some quick research on what is available on amazon.jp. A coffee grinder is a pretty simple device, and the ones I found that are affordable seems to have a design that is pretty good for the job. Here are the three that caught my eyes. 1. Russell Hobbs - 4200yen Simply 1 push design with the detachable cup. The brand is pretty decent as well, so if you are okay with the price, this one is worth considering. http://amzn.asia/d/beJqVTh 2. Homgeek - 2480yen Never heard of this brand and it has more tricks to it to adjust the fineness (which some will tell you to just grind it longer if you have the 1 push design). Cup is also detachable, so while it might not last you as long, if you are experimenting with coffee grinding, this might not be bad. http://amzn.asia/d/iLXjvWP 3. Delonghi - 8460yen Delonghi is, well, Delonghi. Good stuff. It is plastic with a more parts to wash, but as customers have told me, this is a MILL more than a grinder, and many hardcore coffee drinkers will always go for them instead. Pricey though, so it would be an investment into the world of coffee grinding. http://amzn.asia/d/6tOBzE5 Hope it helps!

  • hellonihon

    on Nov 13

    Strangely enough, my favorite grinder is actually one I won as a prize from a claw game! It's a tiny tube (grinds about a single cup's worth) that snaps together, then you screw on the handle and go to town... It's a bit coarse, but that's how I prefer my grounds so I guess that's personal preference. I threw away the box, but it was some Chinese brand. My Kaldi sells a fancy version of the same thing, so it could be worth checking their stock out.

  • Jackson

    on Nov 15

    By the way, I only looked into electric ones because I believe that if you are doing it daily, the hand grinding type will just become a chore in the morning. :)

  • TonetoEdo

    on Nov 15

    Thanks all for your answers! I settled on a mechanical one I found on Amazon.jp.


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