What's your favorite Tokyo hanami spot?

I feel like I've hit up all the "standard" hanami spots: Yoyogi, Asukayama, Ueno, Yanaka... What's your favorite spot (preferably not on that list) and why?

Just outside Tokyo

Where could I bring a group for an interesting tour of forest or gardens , cute town hope with onsen . Nature a bit

Kagoshima or Hakodate?

I'm thinking on going on a trip sometime in September. Which of the two do you think should I visit first, and why? Thanks!


Narita Airport To Shizuoka City

Are there any direct bus rides from Narita Airport to Shizuoka City, Shizuoka?

Narita Airport To Shizuoka City

Hi. I will be travelling to Japan this coming April 11. I would like to know the cheapest, economical ride direct going to Shizuoka City, Shizuoka from Narita Airport Terminal 2. This will be my first time in Japan. :)

Bus commuter pass?

I see people with a bus commuter pass and I'm wondering if there's any information online about this? (I can find a lot of information about the train tekken commuter passes.) I want to see the prices and if it's worth it for me to buy one. If it matters, I'm looking for Yokohama area ones... Keikyu bus or Kanachu bus. (or is there one for all companies?)


Kagoshima or Hakodate?

I'm thinking on going on a trip sometime in September. Which of the two do you think should I visit first, and why? Thanks!

Tips for a trip to Nagasaki/Fukuoka/Saga/Oita?

We're trying to head down to Kyushu for a little break later this year, and if you've been to any of the abovementioned prefectures before (or even live there!) I'd love to hear your suggestions for cool things to do and see - preferably the cool spots that guidebooks or online resources might not cover! Thanks in advance!

Trip to Miyazaki this summer. Any recommendations?

Heading to Miyazaki, Kyushu this summer (4 nights, staying in Aoshima). Any recommendations on places to eat would be much appreciated. Also, any sightseeing spots? The priority is surfing but we'll have a car and will still have time to travel around a bit. Cheers!

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Questions [Living]

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Let's Talk About Mental Health

I was hoping to open a discussion on mental health. I know a lot of people silently struggle with loneliness and even depression. How do you deal? And how can you reach out to others here in Japan? I've recently developed a passion for this and I'm looking for ways that I can contribute. I've done a bit of research and so far found "TELL (Tokyo English Lifeline)". Please feel free to share information and your own thoughts regarding this issue.

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Advice For Job Hunting?

Hello! I have started job hunting for a non-English teaching job. I want to know if any of you guys have tips or advice? (For example: tips on finding open positions, tips for the interview, etc...) (I got N2 a year ago)


on Jan 15

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Fukubukuro plans?

I would love to hear about the places you plan to get fukubukuro from this year! I usually go for places like Kaldi Coffee Farm and Lupicia for tea and coffee to consume...but I'm always down to hear some suggestions!


on Dec 26

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Washer and Dryer Combo Recommendation

Our washer/dryer has been acting up. It is falling apart as well which it shouldn't do seeing as it isn't that old. We bought it not even two years ago, used but only a year old. From the beginning, we knew it was a bit of a bad purchase. It doesn't dry very well and turned everything into knots. To avoid that again I want to know if anyone else has a good recommendation for a washer dryer combo. For a family of five, we do a lot of laundry.


on Dec 17

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What's on your Christmas list this year?

Curious to know what everyone's hoping for this Christmas! Is it a sign of my age now that I want a robot vacuum?! I can recall a time when getting a cleaning object may have been downright offensive, but not these days! I don't really have much else that I want or need. How about the rest of you?


on Dec 9

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UNIQLO trousers post-laundry

Anyone out there know how I can stop my Uniqlo trousers from coming out of the washing machine coated in bits of what I guess is material from other stuff that they get washed with? And why is it only the Uniqlo stuff that I have this problem with? A note on the washing machine - it's probably about 20 years old. Changing the washing machine is something I'm hoping to postpone for some time yet. And on the occasion of the image in this question a white imabari towel was also in the laundry load which I assume to have exacerbated the situation this time around. I'm using liquid soaps and softeners.


on Dec 1

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Golden Week 2020

Does anybody know when the Golden Week holiday is next year?


on Nov 25

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Winter illumination recommendations in Japan

I'm quite a fan of Japan's winter illuminations and have been to plenty of spots in Tokyo -- Marunouchi, Shinjuku, Solamachi, Odaiba, Shiodome, Tokyo Midtown, Omotesando, Yebisu Garden Place. Anything I'm missing? Or any winter illuminations further afield that might warrant a trip out of town? Particularly interested in illuminations that are romantic and moody rather than, say, those with loads of crazy colors and designs.


on Nov 19

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Autumn spots outside of Tokyo with baby

Any recommendation for nice autumn spots around the neighboring prefectures of Tokyo? Easy access by car (up to 2 hours are fine) and by babycar are preferred. Looking for some new spots, which are less popular and crowded.


on Oct 25

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Post-Typhoon Hagibis. Hope everyone is well

Don't know what the mood is with everyone but just thought I'd drop a quick line on this Q&A to say that things seem to be fine where I am in Urayasu, Chiba after the typhoon. How are things where you are? Hope everyone is well.


on Oct 13

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Favorite resources/apps for emergencies?

With Typhoon Hagibis just around the corner, I'm curious about your favorite apps or other resources for emergencies. I particularly like Western Pacific Weather on Facebook for info on Japan's typhoons, but I'd love to get info on other resources you may find useful!


on Oct 11

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Typhoon Hagibis preparations

Just wondering how people are feeling about, and preparing for, Typhoon Hagibis? There are a lot of dramatic headlines out there, as there are tweets ("Four reasons why Typhoon Hagibis is so dangerous" - NHK) and other socials. Word from the officials seems to be that preparations should be made by Friday. The partner had the day off today and so went out and got a bunch of stuff in preparation. After work today I stopped by the supermarket and the queues there were super long. I guess all the bread had sold out though! Anyway, once again, what's the mood with everyone else out there?


on Oct 10

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Netflix Japan: What are we watching (update)

I know I've posted a question before about what people are watching on Netflix Japan but I feel like that was some time ago and so maybe I'm in need of an update. Also, Season 5 of Peaky Blinders has popped up on the Japanese version of Netflix over the past few days, as well as season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, both series that I've been a fan of in the past. So, what are we watching these days? Anything I shouldn't be missing?!


on Oct 9

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Professional Development While ALTing?

I was wondering if you have any ideas on some things I can do to continue to develop while I am an ALT. I know that in a few years I will want a new gig, and I was wondering what I can do while being an ALT to bulk up my skills and resume.


on Sep 18

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If you were to move to another location in within Japan?

Been thinking about moving out of the Tokyo area for a while now. I've got a few ideas of where I would like to go (although not at all sure if they are actually doable) but just out of curiosity if you could move (or had to move) to another location in Japan (and no, not just down the road), where would it be? Me: Miyazaki, or somewhere on the Izu, or maybe Yokohama


on Sep 13

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Amazon hits and misses

Most of my purchases on Amazon have been household goods and groceries. Kitchen equipment, rugs, laundry and bath stuff. For food, mostly whole bean coffee, condiments, and dried or canned foods. So my question is, for kitchen, bath, and laundry, what purchases have you made that were good value for money? What grocery items do you get?


on Aug 21

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Your fave autumn leaf spots

I know it's still hot right now in much of the country, but I'm already dreaming of the changing leaves (and cooler temps!) of autumn. What are your favorite autumn leaf spots across Japan? Here in Niigata I really like the scenery and colors around Lake Daigenta which is about a 30 minute drive from home!


on Aug 19

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Budget Family Living in Japan? Several questions for all you Expats!

How might I achieve a shoestring budget lifestyle in Japan? After reading genkidesu's blog post on City-Cost about living on a shoestring budget, it seems possible to live a dream that seemed reserved for retirement. Here is my situation and my background for anyone that is interested in helping me navigate this transition. I'm married with a 7 year old daughter and 2 year old son. We live in Oklahoma. What should I take into consideration with regards to young children and moving internationally? I have held several jobs from washing cars to telemarketing to IT to home automation programming. Where should I start with regards to jobs that will bring in a minimum of $2,000 per month in Japan? I'd like to move to Japan within the next 6 months. Is this realistic? What pitfalls have you experienced that I should be on the look out for, if any? Maemotte kansha shimasu! (Thank you in advance :P)


on Aug 1

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Therapy Cats

Hello! I heard it was hard to find apartments that accept pets in Japan. I have a therapy cat who will absolutely have to come with me on my journey. Does anyone know if Japan apartments recognize therapy cats or how hard would it be to get my baby accepted? Thank you for the help!


on Jul 12

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Any birthday idea?

It's my boyfriend birthday next month! I'm thinking about how to celebrate his birthday in Tokyo. We used to go abroad, but this time we would like to celebrate in Japan. Would be glad if your could recommend restaurants or any events in August? or how to celebrate in extra special way?


on Jul 10