Sep 30, 2020

Linking amazon accounts?

Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to link a Japanese amazon account with my home country's. Has anyone tried it? I ask this question because I would like to take advantage of the prime membership in my country as well (mainly for watching prime videos).



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  • JapanRamen

    on Oct 1

    The last time I looked into it, the two seem to work separately, and there are different licensing deals with videos so that some shows are made available only to certain countries, which makes me doubt the possibility of them opening up one country's prime video collection to those in a different country. One way to get around it would be to get a VPN service so that you could access the prime content of your home country here, but that would also be an extra cost.

  • Eli

    on Oct 1

    For my home country (Germany) that is not possible. I have two separate accounts on amazon, one for Japan and one for my home country and these two cant be linked. If I wanted to watch Prime Videos that are only available in Germany I would have to sign up for prime membership on amazon Germany.

  • Striffy

    on Oct 1

    Thank you both for your answers! I'm from Germany as well and miss watching movies in German so that was my main motivation. Too bad it's not possible.

  • Sanrio

    on Oct 3

    I've tried connecting my US prime account with my Japan one but that didn't work. They work independently, unfortunately.


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