Dec 1, 2019

UNIQLO trousers post-laundry

Anyone out there know how I can stop my Uniqlo trousers from coming out of the washing machine coated in bits of what I guess is material from other stuff that they get washed with? And why is it only the Uniqlo stuff that I have this problem with? A note on the washing machine - it's probably about 20 years old. Changing the washing machine is something I'm hoping to postpone for some time yet. And on the occasion of the image in this question a white imabari towel was also in the laundry load which I assume to have exacerbated the situation this time around. I'm using liquid soaps and softeners.



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4 Answers

  • genkidesu

    on Dec 1

    Dark colors and certain fabrics are notoriously hard for this, and some darker tops I have do the same thing, although I haven't really noticed it with Uniqlo pants (I'm more a jeans gal than a trousers gal though!) Have you done a deep clean of your washer lately? I find that helps. Probably sounds blatantly obvious, though! The towel probably did you in with this wash, though :( A lot of online sources say it can also be an issue with the washing machine, but if you don't want to go down the replacement route yet I'd just try to wash them alone on a separate cycle, handwash, or continue as usual and have a supply of Daiso sticky lint rollers on hand!

  • TonetoEdo

    on Dec 1

    I only use powdered detergent in a relatively new washing machine. All loads are separated into darks and lights. Otherwise, I’d get results you got! My precious sweaters from Muji are wool and silk blends, which I wash on the スピード speed course, but always in net bags to keep them from getting pills or picking up linty bits from other things I wash them with. Another thing I do with precious trousers and sweaters is turn them inside out so they don’t pick up linty bits from other fabrics. Also what @genkidensu said - clean your washing machine. You can buy effective but toxic stuff at the supermarket or drug store. Alternatively use diy cleaner - vinegar, baking soda and peroxide.

  • JapanExpert

    on Dec 1

    Before seeing your photo I was guessing it was a case of needing to do a thorough clean of your machine, but having seen your photo it seems it’s simply a case of lint getting caught on your trousers. The best way to avoid this it to wash light & dark colors separately. Given the propensity of those trousers to attract lint, I’d go so far as washing fluffy things like towels separately too. It doesn’t appear to be anything to do with your washing machine (or detergent) so hopefully you’ll be able to hold out a bit more before getting a new one.

  • Tomuu

    on Dec 2

    Thanks for the tips @genkidesu, @TonetoEdo, @JapanExpert The 100-yen sticky lint roller is on hand! Perhaps I'll try separating loads or washing them separately altogether then. Although maybe inside out in a net bag might save me from having to do that. Let's see what works.


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