Apr 24, 2019

Rainy Season Clothing

I've seen quick drying and rain resistant clothing intended for the rainy season in Japan, but haven't ever bought any. Do you have recommendations for work appropriate rainy season pants / trousers or other clothing?



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5 Answers

  • genkidesu

    on Apr 25

    My initial thought was Uniqlo's airism range, since they are meant to be both breathable and wick away moisture. However when I checked their site the only clothing they had for airism was tshirts (long and short sleeve). No actual pants or more businessy stuff. Curious to see what suggestions others have though, it seems to be a bit of a gap in the market!

  • JapanRamen

    on Apr 26

    I can hardly find food stuff in Japan, so I ended up just having a set of full body rain gear with me and a plastic bag to wrap them up after. It is an extra thing to carry (not to mention wet), but it works in all season.

  • TonetoEdo

    on Apr 26

    I get capris from Gap or Banana Republic, which are suitable for work, and wear rain resistant shoes. I pack a second pair of socks in my bag to change into when I get to my workplace. Capris length trousers I find are better than ankle length damp ones flapping around my ankles. Are you a skirt wearer? It’s another way to cope with rain. Skirt, boots, and pack your hose in your bag for a quick change on arrival. B 3 (B-Three) trousers tend to be thin and dry fast. You might want to wear long underwear under them as they show a bit of panty line otherwise. I got one pair I wear in rainy season.

  • helloalissa

    on May 6

    @TonetoEdo Nope, no skirts. I'll roll up pants but capris are often the full length on me because I'm so short. I think my linen pants work alright. We don't have B-3, Gap, etc. here... but I'm sure they exist in bigger cities. @genkidesu I thought of Uniqlo's airism too but didn't even see long sleeve shirts in the store. I'm interested to try them out. They also have some UV cut cardigans and cropped pants in similar fabric but not under the same airism brand.

  • maynestacy

    on May 15

    I am taller than average. I just got an awesome pair of trousers, black, light weight, stretchy, that FIT from a homecenter/workwear for men shop for about Y3000. I almost wore them to a job interview to teach kids - they are that smart. Fast drying and inside is a knobby material like mesh good for sweat. I just checked. How strange - no label. Anyway, just goes to show that when you look everywhere and keep an open mind, you can often find good things in unlikely places.


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